1.0 Experience Manager Overview

NetIQ Operations Center Experience Manager proactively monitors Web site and Web application availability in real time, from the user perspective. You use Experience Manager to identify and resolve potential infrastructure issues before customers experience problems. Experience Manager emulates end-user business processes against applications on a 24x7 basis, including Web and non-Web environments, and applications.

Use Experience Manager to locate and resolve the following common sources of performance problems:

  • Transaction response times

  • Sources of availability failures

  • Network performance bottlenecks

  • Slow-loading Web page components

Traditional management tools provide a partial picture of the current state of a network, application, or system component because they cannot differentiate between degrees of availability. For example, a monitoring system might indicate that all applications and network resources are available, while in reality, end users are experiencing unacceptable response time.

Experience Manager works with Operations Center to process and gather application and performance metrics from a wide variety of sources. Use Experience Manager to:

  • Establish a response time baseline

  • Manage response time, synthetic testing, and application performance from a single application

Experience Manager’s and Operations Center Business Service Management can evaluate the state of business views in real-time and on a continuing basis so you can prioritize repairs and identify performance trends.