8.5 Configuring the Agent Container

As stated in Section 2.2, Agents and the Agent Container, agents use a common virtual machine called an Agent Container to save system resources. The Agent Container is a container that works behind the scenes to house all the agents on a single machine. An Agent Container can hold up to 4,000 alarms in its outbound queue. After reaching this limit, it discards the oldest alarms. For example, if the Alarm server is unavailable and cannot forward alarms, it discards the oldest alarms.

The /OperationsCenter_install_path/config/eve.properties file contains properties used to configure the Agent Container.

To configure the Agent Container:

  1. Open the /OperationsCenter_install_path/config/eve.custom.properties file in a text editor. (or create one it if it doesn’t already exist).

    Using the eve.custom.properties file ensures that customizations are not overwritten during product reinstallations, upgrades, or when settings are changed using Configuration Manager.

    If the eve.custom.properties file doesn’t already exist, create it. For more information about custom properties files, see Section 3.4.1, Creating a Custom Properties File.

  2. Add and configure the following settings:

    • com.mosol.Eve.Agent.alarmQueueSize: The maximum size of the alarm queue within the agents. Default is 4000.

    • com.mosol.Eve.Agent.blockMode: When set to BLOCKED and the com.mosol.Eve.Agent.alarmQueueSize value is reached, this property blocks additional alarms, but does not discard any previous alarms. If set to NON-BLOCKED, agents discard the oldest alarms after surpassing the specified com.mosol.Eve.Agent.alarmQueueSize property.

    • com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseKeepAliveValue: The length of time, in minutes or milliseconds based on the com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseStrategy property setting, to keep an agent socket connection alive.

    • com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseStrategy: Works in conjunction with the com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseKeepAliveValue for configuring and monitoring an agent socket connection. Set to one of the following:

      • NONE: Do not monitor the socket connection. Best starting option if you are getting out of memory exceptions.

      • MOS_SO_TIMEOUT: Times out the socket connection after a length of time, in milliseconds, as based on the com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseKeepAliveValue setting.

      • SO_KEEPALIVE: Keep alive flag on the socket connection regardless of the com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseKeepAliveValue setting. The socket might stay alive for a long time if not closed.

      • MOS_KEEPALIVE: Default behavior. Monitors the socket connection for a length of time, in minutes, as based on the com.mosol.Eve.Agent.AutoCloseKeepAliveValue setting.

  3. Restart all Event Manager processes.