1.0 Introduction

Operations Center Event Manager™ gathers and processes alarms and informational messages from different sources to produce events and alarms derived from customized rule sets. You can create custom rule sets directly in the Event Manager.

This guide explains how to configure and manage the Event Manager, which is an add‑on to Operations Center, and how to create and manage rulesets using the Operations Center Event Manager Ruleset Editor (known simply as the Ruleset Editor). It also describes the product architecture and explains the many features the Event Manager has to offer, as well as the purpose and structure of rulesets and using the Ruleset Editor.

The Event Manager processes alarms in accordance with rulesets, which are sets of instructions that describe how to parse and extract useful information from events. Define rulesets directly in the Event Manager through the Event Manager Ruleset Editor. Alternatively, define rulesets outside the Event Manager and import them into the Event Manager.

For example, the thresholding facility within the rules definition language enables creating a rule that generates a derived alarm only when all of the following occur:

  • Processing of five derived events of the same type

  • All five events originate from the same source

  • Processing of all five events within a specified number of minutes

Derived alarms are informational messages that refer to the changing operational conditions of elements. Standard information contained in each alarm includes its severity, priority, affected element, the time at which the alarm occurred, a text message and a unique identification (ID) number for that alarm.

In addition, depending on the alarm’s source, each alarm can contain a varying set of additional information, such as a text message, a class of service, and other information that can help the user identify the source and nature of the problem represented by the derived alarm.

Event Manager Rule sets are compatible with BMC™ Software MAX/Enterprise™ Rule sets.