2.6 Editing an Adapter Definition

All adapter definitions are found under the Administration root element > Adapters > Data Integrator.

The first concurrent edit session has read/write access to a definition. Subsequent concurrent edit sessions have read-only access to the definition. Changes made to a definition from a read-only edit session are not saved.

To edit an adapter definition:

  1. In the Explorer pane, expand the Administration root element > Adapters > Data Integrator.

  2. Right-click a definition, then select Edit Definition.

  3. The Data Integrator Definition Editor opens.

    For basic information regarding using the Definition Editor and user preferences and updating the development data source, see Section 3.0, The Data Integrator Definition Editor.

    For information regarding Groups, see Section 5.2, Defining Groups.

    For information regarding Database Elements, see Section 5.4, Defining Elements from Database Information.

    For information regarding Dynamic Groups, see Section 5.3, Defining Dynamic Groups (Generator Elements).

    For information regarding alarms, see Section 5.5, Creating Alarms.