7.3 Inviting Members to Join Invite Only Communities

As an owner of an Invitation-Only community, you can send invite notifications to each user you wish to become a member. These notifications automatically show in the user’s Inbox.

To invite user to join your community:

  1. From the Communities page, click Manage Communities.

    A list of all communities displays.

  2. Click Invite next to your community.

    The Invite link, if available, displays in the Membership column for each community to open an invitation dialog box:

  3. Select one or more users.

    Use Ctrl+click to select more than one noncontiguous user names.

    Use Shift+click to select more than one contiguous user names.

  4. Click Invite as Producer or Invite as Consumer to send the invite.

    The users are invited and see a notification in their Inbox on their next login: