6.7 Viewing CI History

Every update or action on a CI creates an events history that can be viewed in CI Details to two ways: a tabular listing and a timeline display:

Figure 6-3 View a listing of historical events (Details tab) or browse them visually in a timeline (Timeline tab)

To view the history of a CI:

  1. From the search results or the pinboard, right-click the CI, then select Edit to open the Edit CI dialog box.

    Clicking History under a CI item in search results opens a Timeline viewer. To access the Details listing for CI History, you must use the Edit option on a CI.

  2. Click History.

  3. Do either of the following:

    • To view a list of historical events, click the Details tab.

    • To view a timeline of events, click the Timeline tab.

  4. Using the From Date and To Date calendar buttons, select the date range to poll for historical information about the CI.

    The From and To dates are inclusive.

  5. Click Get History.

    Matching events displays in a listing or timeline format.

    HINT:After switching from the Details to the Timeline tab (and vice versa), click Get History to populate the view with data.

  6. On the Timeline tab, do any of the following:

    • Note the following about the Timeline tab:

      • The light grey block in the bottom timeline band indicates the section of time in focus.

      • A blue line inside the bottom timeline band indicates that there are events present.

    • Click and drag along the timeline to view various events.

    • Click any event item to open event details, as shown:

  7. To update the data viewed, change the date range, then click Get History to retrieve a new data set.