A.23 NetIQ Cloud Manager

Table A-23 NetIQ Cloud Manager Adapter Properties



Alarm Columns

A comma-separated list that determines which alarm columns display and the order in which the alarm items display (source of alarm, alarm class, etc.) in the Alarms view. This property is not used by the NetIQ Cloud Manager adapter as there are no alarms.

NetIQ Cloud Manager Server

IP address of the NetIQ Cloud Manager Server.

NetIQ Cloud Manager User Name

The NetIQ Cloud Manager Administrator user name.

NetIQ Cloud Manager User Password

The NetIQ Cloud Manager Administrator password.

Poll Interval (mins)

The interval, in minutes, that the adapter performs an automatic full refresh of the hierarchy. Defaults to 5.


The port on which the NetIQ Cloud Manager Server listens. Defaults to 8182.


A script that executes if the adapter fails for any reason. For example, the script can print the reason for the failure as msg using log.info(msg).


A script that executes upon adapter initialization. All of the Script.* properties are optional.


A script that executes when the adapter starts, either manually or automatically when the Operations Center server starts.


A script that executes after manually stopping the adapter.


Set to true to use the ?admin option to authenticate via NCSS and LDAP. Defaults to false.


Set to true to use SSL to connect to the NetIQ Cloud Manager server. Defaults to false.