A.32 Novell ZENworks

Table A-27 Novell ZENworks



Alarm Columns

A comma-separated list that determines which alarm columns display and the order in which the alarm items display in the Alarms view. Default is occurrences, description.

Database Timeout (minutes)

Specify how long the adapter waits (in minutes) for a SQL query to return before timing out. Set this value to a higher value if your zone is so large that a single SQL query does not return before the timeout value is reached. Higher values result in a longer timeout if the database cannot be contacted. Default is 15.


A script that executes if the adapter fails for any reason. For example, the script can print the reason for the failure as msg using log.info(msg).


A script that executes when the adapter initializes.


A script that executes when the adapter starts, either manually or automatically when the Operations Center server starts.


A script that executes after stopping the adapter.