A.2 Blade Logic Operations Manager

Table A-2 Blade Logic Operations Manager Adapter Properties



Alarm Columns

A comma-separated list that determines which alarm columns display and the order in which the alarm items display (source of alarm, alarm class, etc.) in the Alarms view. This is user configurable.

Element Age Out Policy (minutes

The length of time, in minutes, to retain alarm elements. If no open alarms exist and the element’s condition does not change in n minutes, and the element has no children, then the element disappears. If set to 0, inactive elements timeout at 1 minute.


Set to a relative file name in the /OperationsCenter_install_path/database directory. The file contains an XML description of hierarchy of elements that should be built below the element that represents the Blade Logic adapter. The default is examples/BladeLogicOMHierarchy.xml.


A script that executes if the adapter fails for any reason. For example, the script can print the reason for the failure as msg using log.info(msg).


A script that executes upon adapter initialization. All of the Script.* properties are optional.


A script that executes when the adapter starts, either manually or automatically when the Operations Center server starts.


A script that executes after manually stopping the adapter.

Stylesheet File

The stylesheet file in the /OperationsCenter_install_path/database directory. When this file is used, it is applied against the HierarchyFile as a style markup and produces the final output.

Use Alarm Times For Condition Changes

The date/time stamp to use for all alarm data stored by the Operations Center Data Warehouse. If true, the alarm’s date/time stamp is used. If false, the date/time stamp of when the Operations Center server received the alarm is used. The default is true.

Alarm history is stored based on the alarm time rather than alarm receipt time. Also, for SLA metric data based on alarm properties, the property values are recorded based on the alarm time instead of the alarm receipt time. Note that recording historical condition data for historical alarms is not supported.