7.6 Understanding Alarm Operations and Event Status

The Script adapter implements Acknowledge and Close alarm operations, but typically customers do not use them. Instead, they often create their own operations using scripting and custom operations. For details, see Modifying Element and Alarm Menus in the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide.

When originating_event_id (see Section 7.3.2, Data Fields) and originating_tec_hostname data fields contain values for an event, Acknowledge and Close operations are available as right-click operations on the corresponding Operations Center alarm.

Acknowledge and Close operations affect the alarm by updating its status to ACK and CLOSE, and attempts to post back to the host server.  The alarm no longer effect the element’s condition, and alarm severity is unchanged.

To turn off the posting process to the host, set the adapter’s Post Status Changes to TEC property to false. For property information, see Section A.29, NetIQ Operations Center Universal.