7.1 Introduction

The Universal Adapter allows you to create events from multiple sources using databases or log files and be able to define new field/value pairs on the fly.

Data integration methods include: Perl, SQL scripts, C++, Java Script, compiled Java, VB or REXX. The choice depends on the optimal way to obtain data and deliver it to Operations Center. In each case, there are many ways of configuring the data that the Operations Center server receives, such as using timed polling intervals or using the actual data source to push the data. For example,

  • Create a Perl script to monitor the end of a log file and send updates to Operations Center as new data arrives.

  • Place a trigger method in the database to send the stream of data to the Operations Center server as it arrives.

While the Event Manager also gathers data from log files and represents data as events in Operations Center, it uses rule sets that define the log file and assign variables and values together. Out of the box, Event Manager can clear alarms, assign alarms and perform other useful operations and correlation incremental counters. If using the NOC Universal adapter, it is necessary to develop these operations.