Novell Sentinel Log Manager Readme

September 2012

Sentinel Log Manager collects data from a wide variety of devices and applications, including intrusion detection systems, firewalls, operating systems, routers, Web servers, databases, switches, mainframes, and antivirus event sources. Sentinel Log Manager provides high event rate processing, long-term data retention, regional data aggregation, and simple searching and reporting functionality for a broad range of applications and devices.

1.0 What’s New

Sentinel Log Manager provides a security improvement to fix a security vulnerability.

2.0 System Requirements

You need to install Sentinel Log Manager on Sentinel Log Manager versions 1.2 and later.

For more information about system requirements, see System Requirements in the Sentinel Log Manager 1.2 Installation Guide.

3.0 Upgrading to Novell Sentinel Log Manager

To upgrade Sentinel Log Manager to the latest patch, see “Upgrading Sentinel Log Manager” in the Novell Sentinel Log Manager 1.2 Installation Guide. The document specifically refers to Sentinel Log Manager However, the same procedure is applicable for Sentinel Log Manager

NOTE:This hotfix does not have an update for remote Collector Managers. The Collector Manager version, which is the latest, is compatible with Sentinel Log Manager On systems with the remote Collector Manager 1.2 or version, you need to upgrade the Collector Manager to the version.

4.0 Defect Fixed

Issue: Report Administrators have permission to create data retention policies by using the save query as > save as retention policy option in the Search results page. (BUG 771634)

Fix: Report Administrators no longer get the option to create data retention policies. Only users in the administrator role have access to create data retention policies.

5.0 Known Issue

This release has the following known issue. For the list of known issues in previous releases, see the Previous Releases section in the Sentinel Log Manager documentation site.

5.1 Unable to register successfully for appliance updates

Issue: When you register for appliance updates, the registration fails because a "/" is missing in the registration URL: (BUG 793952)

Workaround: Append a "/" to the registration URL as follows:

For more information, refer to the knowledge base article# 7011336 in the Novell Support Web site.

6.0 Documentation

The updated documentation and release notes are available at the Sentinel Log Manager documentation site.