A.5 Range Queries

Range queries allow you to find events where a field value is between a lower bound and an upper bound. Range queries can be inclusive or exclusive of the upper and lower bounds. Whether a particular value falls in the specified range is based on lexicographic character sorting. Inclusive ranges are denoted by square brackets []. Exclusive ranges are denoted by curly brackets {}.

For example, consider the following query:

sun:[admin TO tester]

This query finds events whose sun field has values between admin and tester, inclusive. Note that "TO" is capitalized.

However, if you change the query as follows:

sun:{admin TO tester}

The query now finds all events whose sun field is between admin and tester, not including admin and tester.

Some event fields such as sev and xdasid are numeric. In Sentinel Log Manager, range queries on numeric fields are based on numeric sorting and not on lexicographic character sorting. For example, consider the following query:

xdasid:[1 TO 7]

This query returns events whose xdasid value is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. If the range evaluation was based on lexicographic sorting, it would incorrectly match 10, 101, 100001, 200, and so on.