7.5 Viewing the Search Activities

You can view the search activities that are being done on the target server by the search initiator server. You can see what queries are being done and how frequently they are being done. Based on the search activity, you might want to assign a more/less restrictive proxy role or even disable the access to the target server.

You can also refine the search activity query. For example, you can change the date range to see what queries have been performed today or yesterday or in the last hour, or you can drill down to see the queries that were made by particular users on the search initiator.

  1. Log in to the target server as an administrator.

  2. Click search setup > Search Targets.

  3. Select the Authorized Searcher Initiators tab.

    A list of search initiator servers are displayed under the Authorized Search Initiators list.

  4. Click the Search Activities link for the search initiator server for which you want to view the search activities.

    The search activities page is displayed that lists the audit events that are retrieved from all of the distributed search requests the target server has received from that particular search initiator.