7.6 Running Reports

Running reports in a distributed environment is similar to running reports on your local server, except that you select the target servers from which you want view the reports while specifying the report parameters.

  1. Log in to the search initiator as a user with Search Remote Targets permission.

  2. From the Reports section, select the report you want to run, then click Run.

    The Run Report page is displayed.

  3. Click the link for Targets.

    A page is displayed that lists the target servers that you have added, including the local server. The target servers that are disabled are also displayed, but they are dimmed.

  4. Select the target servers from which you want to view the reports, then click OK.

  5. Specify the other parameters for the report.

    For more information on these parameters, see Section 6.1, Running Reports.

  6. Click Run.

    A report results entry is created and listed under the selected report. For more information on managing reports, see Section 6.0, Reporting.