6.11 Exporting a Report Result

You can export the report result of a report definition.

  1. Log in to Novell Sentinel Log Manager.

  2. Select a report definition from the Report Viewer pane.

    A list of available report results appear.

  3. Select the report result.

    The View button is displayed next to the report result.

  4. Click the View button.

    The report results appear in the right pane of the Search Dashboard.

    The export results link is displayed at the top of the report result after you click a report result. You can use this report result as a reference in the future.

  5. On clicking on export results link, an Opening <report_result_name>_xevents.zip window is displayed with the option to save the <report_result_name>_xevents.zip file on your local machine.

  6. Click OK to save the <report_result_name>_xevents.zip file.

    This zip file has the report result of the event source.