Novell Access Manager 3.1 SP5 SSL VPN Server Guide

  Novell Access Manager 3.1 SP5 SSL VPN Server Guide
    ¬†Overview of SSL VPN
      SSL VPN Features
      Traditional and ESP-Enabled SSL VPNs
      SSL VPN Client Modes
    Basic Configuration for SSL VPN
      Configuring Authentication for the ESP-Enabled Novell SSL VPN
      Accelerating the Traditional Novell SSL VPN
      Configuring the IP Address, Port, and Network Address Translation (NAT)
      Configuring Route and Source NAT for Enterprise Mode
      Configuring DNS Servers
      Configuring Certificate Settings
    Configuring End-Point Security and Access Policies for SSL VPN
      Configuring Policies to Check the Integrity of the Client Machine
      Configuring Client Security Levels
      Configuring Traffic Policies
      Configuring Full Tunneling
    Configuring How Users Connect to SSL VPN
      Preinstalling the SSL VPN Client Components
      Configuring Client Policies
      Configuring SSL VPN to Connect through a Forward Proxy
      Configuring SSL VPN for Citrix Clients
    Clustering the High-Bandwidth SSL VPN Servers
      Creating a Cluster of SSL VPN Servers
      Clustering SSL VPN by Using an L4 Switch
      Clustering SSL VPNs by Using the Access Gateway without an L4 Switch
      Configuring SSL VPN to Monitor the Health of the Cluster
    Monitoring the SSL VPN Servers
      Viewing and Editing SSL VPN Server Details
      Enabling SSL VPN Audit Events
      Viewing SSL VPN Statistics
      Disconnecting Active SSL VPN Connections
      Monitoring the Health of SSL VPN Servers
      Viewing the Command Status of the SSL VPN Server
      Monitoring SSL VPN Alerts
    Additional Configurations
      Customizing the SSL VPN User Interface
      Creating DH Certificates with Different Key Sizes
      Creating a Configuration File to Add Additional Configuration Changes
    Server Configuration Settings
      Managing SSL VPN Servers
      Configuring SSL VPN Servers
      Modifying SSL VPN Server Details
    Troubleshooting SSL VPN Configuration
      Successfully Connecting to the Server
      Adding Applications for Different Versions of Windows
      The SSL VPN Server Is in a Pending State
      Error: Failed to Fetch CIC Policy from the Server
      SSL VPN Connects in Kiosk Mode, But There Is No Data Transfer
      The TFTP Application and GroupWise Notify Do Not Work in Enterprise Mode
      SSL VPN Not Reporting
      Verifying SSL VPN Components
      Unable to Contact the SSL VPN Server
      Unable to Get Authentication Headers
      The SSL VPN Connection Is Successful But There Is No Data Transfer
      Unable to Connect to the SSL VPN Gateway
      Multiple Instances of SSL VPN Are Running
      Issue with the Preinstalled Enterprise Mode Client
      Socket Exception Error After Upgrading SSL VPN
      SSL VPN Server Is Unable to Handle the Session
      Embedded Service Provider Status Is Red
      Connection Manager Log Does Not Display the Client IP Address
      SSL VPN Full Tunnel Connection Disconnects on VMware
      Clustering Issues
      On Windows XP and 7, ActiveX Loading takes more than three minutes to connect to the SSL VPN
      If There Is An Install Log Error Then SSL VPN Client In Kiosk Mode Fails To Start
    Legal Notices