B.15 Unable to Connect After the Previous Connection Ended Abruptly

If you needed to close the SSL VPN connection in the previous session by closing the browser because the browser stopped responding, you might not be able log in to SSL VPN again. This is because some of the SSL VPN processes are running on your system.

To work around the problem:

  1. Close all the instances of the browser.

  2. Delete the polresolver, stunnel, openvpn, java client-clear.jar and java_vm processes as follows:

    • If you are a Linux user, kill the processes by using the following command:

      pkill <processname>

    • If you are a Windows user, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to invoke the Windows Task Manager, select the Processes tab, select the processes, and click End Process.

  3. Check for the following file in your home directory and delete it: