6.3 Access Gateway Takes More Than Five Minutes to Complete Service Provider Refresh Command and Access Gateway Events Are Not Seen in Sentinel

The Access Gateway fails to start on Embedded Service Provider and an error message is displayed as follows: “Unable to read signing.keystore”.

  1. Check the IP address in the /etc/logevent.conf file in the Audit Server.

  2. Ensure the IP address is reachable from Access Gateway to Administration Console.

  3. Check whether a health message is displayed as follows: “NAT is configured”. If not, verify the Global Settings.

  4. Ensure Public NAT IP Address is configured in Administration Console >Global Settings, else configure and restart jcc and esp on Access Gateway.

  5. Check the Audit Settings. Make sure both Private IP address and NAT IP address of Audit Server are configured.

  6. Verify Global Settings and Audit Settings in the Administration Console.