2.3 Configuring the Protected Resource for Authentication

This section explains how to configure the Access Gateway so that users are prompted to log in when accessing the protected resource.

  1. To return to the protected resource, click Devices > Access Gateways > Edit > DigitalAirlines > DA > Protected Resources > everything.

  2. For the Contract option, select Name/Password Form from the drop-down list.

    If the list is empty, you have not selected an Identity Server cluster configuration for the Access Gateway. See Step 3.

  3. Click OK to save the configuration.

  4. Click the Access Gateways task, then click Update.

  5. To test that accessing the resource now requires authentication, open a browser, then enter the URL to your protected resource:


    When you are prompted for login credentials, use a name and a password from a user on the LDAP server.

    If you receive an error, verify the following:

    • The Identity Server can resolve the DNS name of the Access Gateway.

    • The Access Gateway can resolve the DNS name of the Identity Server.

    • Time is synchronized between the Identity Server and the Access Gateway.

    For other problems, see General Authentication Troubleshooting Tips in the NetIQ Access Manager 3.1 SP5 Identity Server Guide.