1.4 Access Gateway Appliance

What you need to know

  • Username and password of the Access Manager administrator.

  • IP address of the Administration Console.

  • Static IP address, hostname, and domain name to use for the Linux Access Gateway.

  • Network settings: IP address of default gateway and the subnet mask for your network.

  • DNS settings: the IP address of one or two DNS servers.

For more information

See Installing the Linux Access Gateway Appliance in the NetIQ Access Manager 3.1 SP5 Installation Guide.

  1. Insert the CD.

  2. At the installation options page, select Standard Installation.

  3. Accept the license agreement.

  4. Select an appropriate keyboard and time zone.

  5. Change the date and time to match the Identity Server.

  6. Specify the following information:

    • The Network Configuration information. Specify the IP address you have selected for the Access Gateway.

    • A password for the root user.

    • The hostname and domain name for the Access Gateway and the IP address of at least one DNS server.

    • The IP address, username, and password of the Administration Console.

    • (Optional) If you want to install SSL VPN along with Linux Access Gateway, select Install and enable SSL VPN Service.

  7. Click Next and review the installation settings page.

  8. Click Install to continue with installation.

    During installation, the machine reboots. During the reboot, some error messages are displayed. Let them scroll by and wait for the login prompt.