A.1 Troubleshooting a Windows Administration Console Installation

The following instructions explain how to run the installation program in debug mode and how to clean up after such an installation.

  1. Use the following command to start the installation program:

    <filename>.exe -DAM_INSTALL_DEBUG=true -DAM_INSTALL_DEBUG_JAVA=true 

    Replace <filename> with the name of the executable.

  2. Press the Ctrl key until the progress bar reaches 100% and goes away.

    A terminal window opens to display standard output.

    Additional verbose information is sent to the \am31setup_debug.txt file.

  3. Use the output and the log file to discover the cause of the problem.

  4. After you run the installation in debug mode, you must clean up the results:

    1. Delete the temporary packages in the \pkgdirs directory, then delete the directory.

    2. Delete the \am31setup_debug.txt file.

    3. Delete the installation log files in the following directories:

      Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server: \am31setup.log

      Windows 2003 Server: \Program Files\Novell\log

      Windows 2008 Server: \Program Files (x86)\Novell\log

      IMPORTANT:You need to delete the log files because they contain sensitive information in clear text.