6.2 Installing the Access Gateway Service

  1. Log in to the Novell Customer Center and follow the link that allows you to download the software, or for an evaluation version, download the media kit from Novell Downloads.

  2. Copy the file to your machine.

    For the filename, see the “Novell Access Manager Readme”.

  3. (Linux) Prepare your machine for installation:

    1. Make your Linux installation media available.

      The installation program checks for Apache dependencies and installs any missing packages.

    2. Grant execute rights to the file with the following command:

      chmod +x <filename>

      Replace <filename> with the name of the file.

  4. (Windows) Disable any virus scanning programs.

  5. (Windows) To use a remote desktop for installation, use one of the following:

    • Current version of VNC viewer

    • Microsoft Remote Desktop with the /console switch for Windows XP SP2

    • Microsoft Remote Desktop with the /admin switch for Windows XP SP3

  6. Start the installation program.

    Linux (graphical): Enter the following command:


    Replace <filename> with the name of the file.

    Linux (text-mode): Enter the following command:

    ./<filename> -i console

    Replace <filename> with the name of the file.

    If you use text mode, answer the questions rather than following the instructions below. When you are prompted for the admin password, ignore the hard-coded asterisk.

    Windows: Double click the executable file.

  7. (Linux only) If missing dependencies are found, click Continue to install them.

  8. Read the welcome page, then click Next.

  9. View the Readme, then click Next.

  10. Review and accept the License Agreement.

  11. Specify the following information:

    Administration Console IP Address: Specify the IP address of the Administration Console.

    User ID: Specify the name of the administration user for the Administration Console.

    Password and Re-enter Password: Specify the password and re-enter the password for the administration user account.

    Local IP Address: (Conditional) If your machine has more than one IP address, specify the IP address that you want the Access Gateway Service to use.

  12. Configure disk cache. This holds the caching objects of the Access Gateway (if you are familiar with the Access Gateway Appliance, this is the COS partition).

    Size in MB: Specify from 1024 MB to 20% of your hard disk space. The default is 1 GB.

    Directory: (Windows only) Specify the location for the disk cache. This needs to be in a secure location on an NTFS file system. The default is the C:\apache_cache_root directory.

  13. Click Next, then review the installation summary.

  14. To start the installation, click Install.

  15. Review the log information.

    Linux: Change to the /tmp/novell_access_manager/ directory and view the following files:


    Windows: View the files in the following directories:

    C:\Program Files\Novell\log
  16. Click Next, then click Done.

  17. (Optional) To verify that the Access Gateway Service imported into the Administration Console, wait two minutes, log into the Administration Console, then click Devices > Access Gateways.

    At this point, the Access Gateway Service is in an unconfigured state.

  18. Continue with the one of the following: