9.2 Configuring Authentication Methods

Use the Authentication Methods page to select the methods that can be used for authentication at the STS for CardSpace. The methods determine the credentials the user must supply for authentication and the user store that is used to verify the credentials. The WS Federation protocol does not use methods for authentication.

  1. In the Administrations Console, click Devices > Identity Servers > Edit > STS > Authentication Methods.

  2. To enable a method, move the method from the Available methods list to the Methods list.

    All the methods that you have defined for the Identity Server appear in the Available methods list, but the only default method that works is the Secure Name/Password-Form method. It has been extended so that it knows how to extract name and password information from a managed card that is not backed by a personal card. You can use the Secure Name/Password-Form class to create additional methods for specific user stores.

    You can also create a custom method, if required. For information, see Novell Access Manager Developer Tools and Examples.

  3. Click OK, then update the Identity Server if you have changed the configuration.