9.1 Configuring STS Attribute Sets

Use the Attribute Set page to select the attribute set or sets that contain attributes the STS can provide to a relying party. An attribute set must be created before you can select it.

When creating an attribute set for the STS, you need to know which protocol you are going to use for the attribute set (CardSpace or WS Federation) and select the attributes and namespace appropriate for the protocol.

  1. In the Administrations Console, click Devices > Identity Servers > Edit > STS > Attribute Sets.

  2. To select a set, move the set from the Available attribute sets list to the Attribute sets list.

    CardSpace: A CardSpace set uses the http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims namespace. A CardSpace attribute set has been created that can be used as is or modified to match claims you want to share. For more information about CardSpace claims, see Understanding Personal Information Cards

    To modify this default set, click Identity Servers > Shared Settings > Attribute Sets, then return to this page.

    WS Federation: There is no default attribute set for WS Federation. For information on how to create the set, see Section 10.4.2, Configuring the Attributes Obtained at Authentication and Section 10.5.2, Configuring the Attributes Sent with Authentication.

  3. Click OK, then update the Identity Server if you have changed the configuration.