3.2 Creating a Cluster Configuration

To create a new cluster of J2EE Agents:

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents.

  2. Select the J2EE Agent that you want to add to the cluster, then click New Cluster.

    The New Cluster dialog box appears.

  3. Specify the following information:

    Cluster Name: Specify a name for the cluster configuration.

    Type: Specify if the J2EE agent is a WebLogic Agent, JBoss Agent, or WebSphere Agent. A list of servers is displayed, depending on the selection you make here.

    Primary Cluster Server: Select a primary server from the list of servers displayed.

  4. Click OK.

The status icons for the configuration and the J2EE Agent should turn green. It might take several seconds for the J2EE Agent to start and for the system to display a green status.

IMPORTANT:Clustering of WebSphere Application Server instances running on the same physical machine is not supported.