1.8 Verifying If a J2EE Agent Is Installed

You can verify the installation of the agent by using the Administration Console.

  1. In the Administration Console, click Devices > J2EE Agents.

    If the installation was successful, the IP address of your agent appears in the Server list. The import into Administration Console can take a few minutes, so if your agent does not appear in the list, wait a few minutes, then refresh the screen.

    If an agent starts to import into the Administration Console but fails to complete the process, the following message appears:

    Server agent-<name> is currently importing. If it has been several minutes after installation, click repair import to fix it.

    If you have waited at least ten minutes, but the message doesn’t disappear and the agent doesn’t appear in the list, click the repair import link. If the agent isn’t in the list and you don’t receive a repair import message, verify that you have restarted the J2EE server after installing the agent. The J2EE server must be running for the import process to begin. For additional help, see Section 9.1, Troubleshooting the J2EE Agent Import.

  2. The agent must be configured before the Server Status turns green. See Section 2.0, Configuring the Agent for Authentication.