7.14 COS Partition is Not Getting Created In the Extra Disk Space Available in the Same Hard Disk

COS partition is not getting created in the extra disk space available in the same hard disk. The script uses existing COS partition and divides it into three partitions. It is not able to find out the extra space available in the same disk and use.

To workaround this issue, do the following steps:

  1. Divide the existing single COS to three COS partitions.

  2. If they have a new empty hard disk, that script will create the COS partitions in the new hard disk considering the already existing COS partition (if any).

  3. Give preference for the empty hard disk over existing COS partition to create COS partitions.

  4. Make sure that it will create COS partitions and the system will have at least three COS partitions.

NOTE:The script does not use the free space available in the same hard disk or other disk for COS partition creation. When the script creates partitions the disk should be EMPTY.