10.2 Running Testarc with a Command File

Running Testarc with a command file requires the creation of a command file and a file that contains data for the agent to process.

To run testarc:

  1. From the /OperationsCenter_install_path/bin directory, enter the following at the command line prompt:

    testarc [command_file] [socket_interval]

    where hostname is the hostname being tested

    where command_file is a file containing command lines and comments. All lines starting with \'#\' are considered comments. The command file must contain the command line to initiate connection to a listening agent's server socket, which is:

    [test.dat] [threshold sec] [hostname] [port]|[port_range] [iterations] [socket_interval] [-s]

    where hostname is the hostname being tested, and port is the port number where the agent is listening.

    and where test.dat is the file with sample data to process.

    For more information on the testarc command parameters, see Section 10.3, Understanding the Testarc Command Parameters.