9.5 Viewing Event Manager Alarm Properties

The alarm properties for Event Manager events display different types of information related to the alarm.

To view the alarm properties:

  1. In the Alarms view, double-click an alarm to open the Properties page.

    Figure 9-2 Properties Page of Alarm Properties

    The Properties page displays a summary of the alarm status, its priority, the rule that fired the alarm, and the assigned user (if any).

  2. Click other property page names to view additional information:

    • Click Capabilities to display:

      Figure 9-3 Capabilities Page of Alarm Properties

      The Capabilities page displays alarm features such as whether it can accumulate or be discarded, as well as the delay factor or time-out factor, if it exits.

    • Click Attributes to display:

      Figure 9-4 Attributes Page of Alarm Properties

      The Attributes page displays information about the origin of the alarm, including the associated ruleset name and process.

    • Click Text to display a description or message related to the alarm.

    • Click Comments to enable you to enter text comments about the alarm and to view comment history.

    • Click History to display the alarm history, including values recorded during previous alarm updates.