5.3 Creating a Configuration

Configuration files reside in the Configurations container for each Event Manager adapter. Within each configuration, define hosts, ports, and rulesets, and start the Alarm server for the adapter.

After starting the Configuration Server, create and define the configuration.

To create an Event Manager configuration file:

  1. In the Explorer pane, expand the Administration root element > Adapters > the Event Manager adapter.

  2. Right-click Configurations, then select Create Event Manager Configuration.

  3. In the Create Event Manager Configuration dialog box, specify a name for the configuration file in the Configuration Name field.

    In this example, Event Manager Configuration 1 is the file name.

  4. Select the Active Configuration check box to make this the active configuration.

    Multiple configurations can exist under Event Manager Configurations, but only one configuration file can be active. By default, the first configuration created is the active configuration.

    If this is the first configuration defined, the Active Configuration check box is selected by default. In this case, this option is dimmed and cannot be edited.

  5. Click Apply.

    Operations Center adds the new configuration, Event Manager Configuration 1, under Configurations in the Explorer pane, and automatically adds Agents, Hosts, Rule Sets, and Server categories to the new configuration file:

    At this point, no agents or rulesets exist.

    By default, the host that is local to the Event Manager Configuration Server is in the Hosts category.

    The Server element is the Alarm server that was specified in the Server field when creating the Event Manager adapter.