8.2 Undeploying Adapters

Situations might occur where an adapter must be revoked. For example, there could be a need to temporarily make an adapter unavailable to users, or the adapter definition has been changed.

Changes made to an adapter definition are not automatically applied to the runtime adapter. If you change adapter properties after deploying an adapter, it is necessary to stop and delete the adapter instance, undeploy the adapter, then redeploy the adapter definition and create adapter instances based on the redeployed definition.

To undeploy an adapter:

  1. Stop all adapter instances created by the adapter definition that you want to undeploy.

    Before an adapter definition can be undeployed, it is necessary to stop all adapter instances that are based on the adapter definition.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand the Administration root element > Adapters > Data Integrator.

  3. Right-click the adapter definition, then select Undeploy Definition as Adapter.