9.1 Manually Configuring Alarm Column Names

Although Data Integrator definitions cannot accept spaces in Alarm Query Property IDs, you can still control the display of alarm columns by customizing the Alarms Columns property for each adapter.

The Alarms Columns property contains a comma-separated list that determines which alarm columns display and the order in which the alarm items display (source of alarm, alarm class, etc.) in the Alarms view.

To customize adapter alarm columns:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Create a new adapter and select the deployed Data Integration adapter as the type.

    • Right-click the adapter under Administration > Adapters, and select Properties.

    For information on creating adapters, see Creating Adapters in the Operations Center 5.5 Adapter and Integration Guide.

  2. Configure the Alarm Columns property as necessary to redefine column names using the syntax: New_Display_Name=Alarm_Query_Property_ID. For example,

    Creation Date=CreationDate,Bug Number=BugNumber,Product,Title,Milestone, Priority,Severity,Component,Status,Assigned To=Assigned

    Where Creation Date is the name of the alarm column to display for alarms, and CreationDate is the Property ID as specified in property definition for the alarm query in Section 6.2.2, Mapping Element or Alarm Properties.

  3. If making changes on a running adapter, you must stop and restart the adapter for these changes to be applied.