5.1 Creating an Adapter

Additional integration and configuration steps are necessary to integrate some network and systems management products, discovery tools, and trouble ticket systems before you create an adapter.

For specific product sections, see:

To create an adapter:

  1. Verify any required configuration tasks have been performed for the management system, discovery tool or trouble ticketing system.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand Administration.

  3. Right-click Adapters, then click Create Adapter to open the Create Adapter dialog box.

  4. Click the Type drop-down list and select an adapter name.

    The selected adapter name displays in the Name field. Adapter properties display as a table in the Properties field.

  5. Click the Name field and change the default name to one that defines the management system, such as NetView TestLab.

  6. Configure settings in the Properties table as needed.

    1. For information about the properties for the adapter type, see Section A.0, Adapter Property Reference.

    2. Scroll through the values in the properties table and locate the string replace with hostname where … was installed in the Value column, then enter the name of the host on which the management server or ORB runs.

    3. Continue scrolling through the adapter properties table and replace every instance of the above string, as well as the string replace with name of …with the correct name.

  7. To automatically start the adapter after starting the Operations Center server, select Start adapter automatically. Deselect this option to start the adapter manually after starting the Operations Center server.

  8. Click Create.

    The new adapter displays in the Explorer pane after it starts.

    If two adapters share the same name, the adapter created last has “(1)” appended to the end of its name.