4.4 Initsdi.nlm

This obsolete NLM was provided to create or to retrieve a tree key (the only security domain key at the time) during installation. It is obsolete with NICI 2.4, because NICI 2.4 provides auto-sync and auto-create capabilities. The file might not work if the target server has NICI versions 2.0.1 or later.

In order to create or retrieve a tree key, the security domain key file, nicisdi.key, must be deleted. The nicisdi.key file, regardless of the platform/OS, is server-unique, and should not be copied from one machine to another. Copying it would not make the key available. Manual creation of a new key typically causes more problems by introducing a new key on the server. It is run differently from the actual tree key other servers have. We strongly recommend that you do not use this NLM, and let NICI 2.4 or later manage such keys.

If you find it necessary to use initsdi.nlm, use the following commands:

If you need to create a new tree key on the local box, run

INITSDI -new logFile errorFile serverName

To retrieve the tree key from a server in the same tree, run

INITSDI -get logFile errorFile serverName treeName

For instance, to receive a key from server server.novell in the novell tree, load

INITSDI -get sys:\sdi.log sys:\sdi.err server.novell tree