4.3 Key Synchronization

NICISDI or NICIEXT can be configured to periodically synchronize keys with each SD key server. This feature is disabled by default. See Section 3.0, NICI Setup for setup information.

The sync period value can be updated while the server is up, and the server does not need to be rebooted for the change to take effect. The new period value takes effect in the next scheduled synchronization time. Setting this value to zero or removing it entirely causes the termination of the background thread at the next scheduled execution. Thus, further changes of this value to a nonzero value have no effect unless the server reboots.

Starting with NICI 2.4.0, NICI creates a domain key automatically on a server with WRITE rights to the domain’s object in the Security.KAP container. It is designed to support multiple domains created in the Security.KAP container. At present, there is only one domain represented by W0 in the Security.KAP container.