3.3 NetWare Configuration

The sys:/system/nici/nicisdi.cfg file is used to configure the NICISDI module’s operation parameters. By default, this file does not exist. When NICI is in server mode, it creates the file on-demand. At present, the only configurable parameter is the synchronization period the nicisdi.xlm module checks for new security domain keys. A typical file contains the following:

          # This is a sample NICISDI.CFG file for NetWare systems.
          # There is only one configuration parameter; all others are ignored.
          # The pound sign in the first column marks the
          # entire line as a comment, and the line is ignored.

          # The time in minutes NICISDI.XLM module polls.
          NICISDI Sync Period = 60

The nicisdi.cfg file is read when the nicisdi.xlm module is loaded (as part of autoexec.ncf processing). If the file does not exist, does not contain the sync period, or if the sync period is zero, NICISDI does not attempt to read it again. If the file exists and contains a non-zero sync period, the file is read once in a period before synchronization. You can disable the background synchronization process by deleting the file, setting the period to zero, or commenting out the sync period line.

The sys:/system/nici/nicisdi.key file contains encrypted security domain keys as discussed in Section 4.0, NICISDI: Security Domain Infrastructure.