3.2 NICI User Configuration Files

NICI creates a NICI user directory when a user first uses NICI, if the directory does not already exist. NetWare® does not have user directories, because the system has only one user: the server itself. Likewise, user directories are not created on single-user systems like Windows 95/98/Me, if multi-user capability is not configured. NICI sets the rights on each user directory when it creates the directory, so that only the user has access to it.

The system administrator (such as the Administrator on Windows or root on UNIX) must typically take the ownership of a user directory, and then change its permissions accordingly. Refer to the operating system’s file management utilities for more details.

Table 3-2 NICI User Configuration Files


Created by



First use

User-specific key materials and other configuration materials.


First use or update

User-specific state data, updated occasionally.


First use or update

NICI user archive.