3.1 NICI Configuration Files

NICI configuration files are located in the NICI directories listed on Table 1-1. The NICI configuration files listed in the following table are present on all platforms. Platform-specific files and other configuration details are explained in following sections.

Table 3-1 NICI Configuration Files


Created by



Novell eDirectory install

NICI license material for server-mode operation.


NICI Install

NICI license material for client-mode operation. Not used if nicifk is present.


First use of NICI or by install by a privileged user

NICI per-box unique keying material generated locally.


First use of NICI by a privileged user

NICI master archive.

The NICI configuration files are signed and partially encrypted. An invalid license file (nicifk) or a client license file (xmgrcfg.wks) renders NICI nonfunctional.

There are two other configuration files that might be present, which are used to switch NICI into server mode when programs such as eDirectory are installed. The files are: