4.2 Configuring Subscription Management Tool for the Access Gateway Appliance

The Access Gateway Appliance can be configured to register against local Subscription Management Tool (SMT) server and download software updates from there instead of communicating directly with the Novell Customer Center and the NU servers.

To use an SMT server for client registration and as a local update source, you must configure the SMT server in your network first. The SMT server software is distributed as an add-on for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. For information about configuring the SMT server, see Subscription Management Tool (SMT) for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.

The following sections describe the configuration required for the Access Manager Appliance:

4.2.1 SMT Configuration

You must configure the SMT server and set up subscription for NAM4x-APP-Updates channel to receive the updates for the Access Gateway Appliance.

  1. Install the SMT server in a SLES 11 Server. For more information, see Subscription Management Tool (SMT) for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.

  2. Log into you Novell Customer Center account.

  3. Select My Products > Mirroring Credentials, then click Generate Credentials.

  4. Copy the mirroring credentials before logging out of your Novell Customer Center account.

  5. Run the SMT Configuration tool from YAST, then specify the mirroring credentials.

  6. Run the SMT Management tool.

    The NAM4x-APP-Updates, sle-11-x86_64 repository is displayed in the Repositories tab.

  7. Select sle-11-x86_64, then click Toggle Mirroring to ensure mirroring is selected for this repository.

  8. Click Mirror Now. This step ensures that the NAM4x-APP-Updates channel updates are mirrored from nu.novell.com to your local SMT server.

  9. When mirroring is complete, click OK to close the tool.

4.2.2 Configuring the Access Gateway Appliance

  1. Copy /usr/share/doc/packages/smt/clientSetup4SMT.sh from the SMT server to the client machine.

    You can use this script to configure a client machine to use the SMT server or to reconfigure it to use a different SMT server.

  2. Specify the following command as root to execute the script on the client machine:

    ./clientSetup4SMT.sh --host server_hostname

    For example,

    ./clientSetup4SMT.sh --host smt.example.com. 

    You can get the SMT server URL by running the SMT Configuration tool at the server. The URL is set by default.

  3. Enter y to accept the CA certificate of the server.

  4. Enter y to start the registration.

  5. The script performs all necessary modifications on the client.

  6. Execute the following command to perform registration:


  7. Specify the following command to get online updates from the local SMT server:

    zypper up

  8. Reboot the machine if prompted at the end of any patch install.

  9. Confirm that all the patches are installed by running zypper up command once again.

4.2.3 Troubleshooting

If you face issues while using the activation code to register, see Resetting your ZEN Updater and Novell Customer Center Key Registration.