1.1 Development Overview

This SDK describes how to design a flexible and expandable access management system to enable your applications to interact with the identity management capabilities of Access Manager, including federation, provisioning, and the secure delivery of identity information (user name and password, and X.509 certificates) to client-based applications.

The SDK is designed for those who want to develop new applications or integrate existing applications with the standards-based security architecture of Access Manager. It allows NetIQ partners and third-party developers to do the following:

NOTE:To coordinate the development of Liberty-enabled access management applications within the NetIQ industry framework, contact namsdk@novell.com.

1.1.1 SDK Components

The Access Manager developer components are included in the Novell Access Manager Developer Kit. However, the complete Access Manager package, including the install, is not included in the NDK. For complete current product information, see the NetIQ Access Manager Product Site.

The SDK does not include the JAR files required from the product to compile your extension. You need access to an Access Manager installation to obtain these files. For an evaluation version, see Novell Downloads and search for Access Manager.

1.1.2 Additional Information

For more information about Access Manager and other related NetIQ security products, see the following links: