C.28 NIDS: Brokered an Authentication from Identity Provider to Service Provider (002E001C)

This event is generated when you select the Brokering Handled option under Novell Audit Logging on the Logging page of an Identity Server configuration.

Description: NIDS: Brokered an authentication from identity provider to service provider

Originator (B): Schema Title: Originator Data Description: JCC Device ID (AMDEVICEID#device_id:)

Target (U): Schema Title: User Identifier Data Description: User DN

SubTarget (Y): Schema Title: Broker Group Name Description: Name of the Brokering Group

Text1 (S): Schema Title: Identity Provider IdentifierDescription: Identity Provider ID

Text2 (T): Schema Title: Service Provider IdentifierDescription: Service Provider ID

Text3 (F): null

Value1 (1): 0

Group (G): 0

Data Length (X): Schema Title: Target URL Length Description: Byte length of the target URL

Data (D): Schema Title: Target URL Description: Target URL