NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.5.3

May 2019

NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.5.3 includes new features and resolves several previous issues. Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure our products meet all your needs. You can post feedback in the LDAP Proxy Community Support Forums, our community Web site that also includes product notifications, blogs, and product user groups.

For the list of all issues resolved in LDAP Proxy 1.5.x, refer to TID 7016328, “History of Issues Resolved in LDAP Proxy 1.5”.

For information about what’s new in previous releases, see the “Previous Releases” section in the LDAP Proxy Documentation Web site.

To download this product, see the NetIQ Downloads Web site. For more information about LDAP Proxy, see the LDAP Proxy Documentation Web site.

For information about services and components bundled with LDAP Proxy 1.5.3, see Section 4.0, Additional Documentation.

1.0 What’s New

LDAP Proxy 1.5.3 provides the following new features, enhancements and fixes in this release:

1.1 New Features

Operating System Support for NLPManager

This release extends support for the following operating systems:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP3

  • SLES 15

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.5

Updates for Third Party Components

This release updates the following thirst party components:

  • Azul Zulu JDK 1.8.0_212

  • Eclipse 4.11

1.2 Enhancements

This release introduces the following enhancements:

Capability to Evaluate Search Filters Using Regular Expressions

LDAP Proxy 1.5.3 introduces a new condition to evaluate search filters using a regular expression in the Connection Route and Search Request Policy. The new condition <if-regex-match> allows you to use POSIX Extended Regular Expressions to evaluate the search filters. For more information, see Supported Condition and Action Elements for Policies in the LDAP Proxy Administration Guide.

Connection Route Policy Is Equipped to Work With Search Conditions

The Connection Route Policy has been enhanced to work with the following search conditions along with the existing supported conditions:

  • <If-srch-scope>

  • <if-srch-base>

  • <if-srch-filter>

  • <if-srch-selection-attr>

  • <if-regex-match>

For more information, see Supported Condition and Action Elements for Policies in the LDAP Proxy Administration Guide.

NLPManager Is Now a 64-Bit Monitoring Application

With this release, NLPManager has been enhanced to a 64-bit monitoring application.

1.3 Updates for Third Party Components

This version of LDAP Proxy is bundled with OpenSSL 1.0.2q and other third party components used in eDirectory 9.1 SP2 and above.

1.4 Fixed Issues

This release includes the following software fixes:

LDAP Proxy Becomes Non-Responsive

Issue: LDAP Proxy becomes non-responsive due to multiple issues. (Bug 1121678)

LDAP Proxy Crashes

Issue: LDAP Proxy crashes when LDAPS connection is established with the proxy server. (Bug 1064633)

LDAP Proxy Fails to Load

Issue: LDAP Proxy fails to load while working with certificates that have a DNS with more than 45 characters. To fix this issue, the limit of DNS has been increased to 255 characters. (Bug 1114379)

passwdstore Utility Is Broken

Issue: The passwdstore utility has started using type-less case-insensitive DN from the version 9.0.x. Due to this, the passwdstore stores the user credentials without the cn and o attributes. When the proxy server tries to use the DN from the configuration file, an error message is displayed. (Bug 1024479)

LDAP Proxy Fails to Launch If the <if-ip-addr> Condition Element Is Present

Issue: LDAP Proxy fails to launch when the <if-ip-addr> condition element is present for the Replace String Policy configuration in the nlpconf.xml file. (Bug 1027387)

LDAP Proxy Crashes When a Search Request Contains Larger Filters with Encoded Characters

Issue: LDAP Proxy crashes when a search request contains filter size of more than 58 characters along with encoded characters. (Bug 1119329)

2.0 System Requirements

For information about prerequisites, hardware requirements, and supported operating systems, see NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.5 Installation Guide.

3.0 Installing or Upgrading

To upgrade to LDAP Proxy 1.5.3, you need to be on LDAP Proxy 1.5 or above. For more information, see NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.5 Installation Guide.

4.0 Additional Documentation

4.1 NLP Manager

For information about NLP Manager, refer to the NetIQ LDAP Proxy 1.5 Administration Guide.

4.2 Certificate Server

For Certificate Server information, refer to the Certificate Server online documentation.

4.3 NICI 3.1

For NICI information, refer to the NICI online documentation.

5.0 Legal Notices

For information about legal notices, trademarks, disclaimers, warranties, export and other use restrictions, U.S. Government rights, patent policy, and FIPS compliance, see

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