B.0 Novell Plug-in Modules

iManager 2.7.6 ships with the following roles as part of the base.npm plug-in. Additional plug-in modules must be downloaded separately.

The best place to locate and download iManager plug-ins is within iManager on the Available Novell Plug-in Module page. Alternately, you can download plug-ins from the Novell download site. Select iManager as the product in the search criteria.

Additionally, Novell occasionally releases iManager plug-in updates. These updates are available on the Novell Patches & Security download site.

iManager base plug-ins are only available as part of the complete iManager software download (for example, eDirectory administrative plug-ins). Unless there are specific updates to these plug-ins, they can only be downloaded and installed with the entire iManager product.

For more information about downloading iManager plug-ins, see Downloading and Installing Plug-Ins During Installation in the iManager 2.7.6 Installation Guide.

NOTE:By default, the plug-in modules are not replicated between iManager servers. We recommend that you install the plug-in modules you want on each iManager server.