10.7 Performance Tuning

The following are tips for enhancing speed and efficiency.

10.7.1 Using Dynamic Groups with RBS

Disable Dynamic Group support for RBS if you are not using this feature. By default, Dynamic Group support is enabled and, when used, significantly taxes resources because of the extensive searches it conducts.

  1. In the Configure view, click iManager Server > Configure iManager.

  2. Select the RBS tab, then deselect Enable Dynamic Groups.

10.7.2 Role Assignments

If you have assigned more than five users to a role within the same scope, consider using Group objects to reduce the number of role assignments and make RBS administration more efficient. By doing so, you have fewer objects to update and you can manage the Group object by adding and removing members.

Also, consider using Dynamic Group objects. You can set up User objects to match a Dynamic Group search criteria.