6.6 Plug-In Module Installation

If you do not see this role in your iManager interface, you are probably not an authorized user. See Authorized Users and Groups.

There are two types of modules used in iManager:

Novell Plug-in Module (NPM): These are archives that contain the files for plug-ins to iManager. When you install an NPM using the Available Novell Plug-in Modules task, you are installing a plug-in to iManager to add to its functionality.

RBS Module: These are objects in eDirectory that contain RBS Tasks and RBS Book objects. When Role-Based Services has been configured in an eDirectory tree, click Configure > RBS Configuration to install the RBS Module after the NPM in order for the new tasks associated with the plug-in to become available for use.

Module Installation relates to NPMs only. For information about installing NPMs during the iManager installation process, see Downloading and Installing Plug-Ins During Installation in the Novell iManager 2.7.6 Installation Guide.

6.6.1 Available Novell Plug-in Modules

The Available Novell Plug-in Modules (NPM) page lists all the available NPMs contained in the packages directory or on the download site. For more information, see Plug-In Download. The name, version, and description of each module are in their respective manifest files.

You can hide the plug-ins by selecting the plug-in modules and clicking the Hide button. You can also hide all the plug-in modules so that the Home page doesn't display the New iManager NPMs are available to install notice.

You can also view the list of the hidden plug-in modules by clicking the Show Hidden button. You can unhide the hidden plug-in modules if required.

6.6.2 Installed Novell Plug-in Modules

This list contains the NPMs that have been installed in iManager. Each NPM is listed by name, local version, and description found in the current manifest files.

iManager 2.7 does not include all plug-in modules as part of the base product. Most iManager 2.7 plug-ins must be downloaded separately. However, the following plug-ins are included in the base.npm module that ships with iManager 2.7:

  • Directory Administration

  • Partitions and Replicas

  • Help Desk

  • Schema

  • Rights

  • Users

  • Groups

For more information, see Section 5.0, Roles and Tasks.

IMPORTANT:To function properly, a plug-in module's version must be compatible with the version of iManager on which it is running. Refer to the specific product documentation for information about iManager version requirements for a particular plug-in module.

For example, iManager 2.7 plug-ins are not compatible with previous versions of iManager. Additionally, any custom plug-ins you want to use with iManager 2.7 must be re-compiled in the iManager 2.7 environment.