2.3 Updating Role Based Services

The first time you use iManager to log in to an eDirectory tree that already contains an RBS collection, it is possible that not all of the roles and tasks are displayed. This is working as expected because some of the plug-ins require updates so that iManager can fully utilize them. The RBS Configuration task lists which RBS modules are out-of-date. We recommend that you update your RBS modules to the latest version so that you can see and use all of the available functionality in iManager.

Be aware that you might have multiple roles with the same name. When plug-ins were updated for iManager 2.5, some plug-in developers changed task IDs or module names but retained the same display names, thus causing the roles to appear to be duplicated when, in fact, one instance is from one version and the other is from a newer version.

NOTE:Because different installations of iManager might have a different number of plug-ins locally installed, you might see discrepancies in the module report for any given collection from the Role Based Services > RBS Configuration page. In order for the numbers to match between iManager installations, make sure that the same subset of plug-ins is installed on each iManager instance in the tree.

To check whether you have outdated RBS objects:

  1. From the Configure view, select Role Based Services > RBS Configuration.

    The table on the 2.x Collections tabbed page displays any out-of-date modules.

  2. To update them, select the number in the Out-Of-Date column for the Collection you want to update.

    The list of outdated modules is displayed.

  3. Select the module you want to update, then click Update at the top of the table.

NOTE:When updating to iManager, or re-installing the product, existing plug-ins are not updated automatically. To update plug-ins manually, launch iManager and browse to Configure > Plug-in Installation > Available Novell Plug-in Modules. For more information, see Plug-In Module Installation in the NetIQ iManager 2.7.7 Administration Guide.