1.0 Overview

NetIQ iManager is a Web-based administration console that provides secure, customized access to network administration utilities and content from virtually anywhere you have access to the Internet and a Web browser.

iManager provides the following:

  • Single point of administration for NetIQ eDirectory objects, schema, partitions, and replicas

  • Single point of administration for many other network resources

  • Management of many other NetIQ and Novell products using iManager plug-ins

  • Role-Based Services (RBS) for delegated administration

Because iManager is a Web-based tool, it enjoys several advantages over client-based administrative tools:

  • Upgrade once, on the server, for all administrative users

  • Changes to iManager look, feel, and functionality are immediately available to all administrative users

  • Do not need to open additional administrative ports for remote access. iManager leverages standard HTTP ports (80/443). With iManager 2.7.7, you can pass non- standard HTTP ports.

  • Not necessary to download and maintain an administrative client

  • Not necessary to keep client software synchronized with changes to server software