NetIQ iManager 3.2 Service Pack 6 Patch 3 Release Notes

January 2023

NetIQ iManager 3.2 Service Pack 6 Patch 3 ( resolves specific previous issues. This document outlines how you can install this patch.

For a full list of all issues resolved in NetIQ iManager 3.x, including all patches and service packs, refer to TID 7016795, “History of Issues Resolved in NetIQ iManager 3.x”.

For more information about this release and for the latest release notes, see the iManager Documentation Web site. To download this product, see the Software License and Download portal.

1.0 What’s New

This release includes the following enhancements and third-party component updates:

1.1 Operating System Support

Docker Container operating system has been upgraded to OpenSUSE Leap 15.3.

1.2 Updates for Dependent Components

This version of iManager adds support for -

  • OpenSSL 1.0.2zf

  • NICI

  • Azul ZuluOpenJDK- 1.8.0_362

  • Boost version - 1.79.0

  • Tomcat 9.0.71

  • owasp-java-html-sanitizer-20220608.1.jar dependency has been upgraded.

  • jQuery-UI 1.13.2

  • commons-io 2.11.0.jar

1.3 Fixed Issues

This release includes software fixes for the following components:

eDir 9.2.7 breaks iMgr 3.2.6 installation

Issue: When you try to install iManager on a RHEL 8.6 server that already has eDirectory 9.2.7 on it, there occurs an installation error with OpenSSL package installation. (Defect 617017)

Require iManager support for higher JDK version 1.8.0_322

Issue: Requires iManager support for higher JDK 1.8.0_322, to avoid some known issue. (Defect 534059)

Resolved Security Vulnerability

This version of iManager resolves CVE-2023-24466 and CVE-2023-24467.

2.0 Installing or Upgrading

You can either freshly install iManager or upgrade from iManager 3.2.x to iManager For more information on installation and upgrading to iManager, see the NetIQ iManager Installation Guide.


  • iManager is supported on eDirectory 9.2 or later. If you have both eDirectory and iManager installed on the same machine, upgrade eDirectory to 9.2 (or later) before upgrading iManager. This is applicable when upgrading iManager from 3.2.x to

  • We do not recommend installing or upgrading iManager to version on Identity Manager Engine 4.8.6. If you do, you might encounter the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class novel.jclient.JCContext error. To fix the issue, follow the steps in this troubleshooting tip.