1.2 Understanding the Server and Client Versions of iManager

You must install iManager on a server that can access an eDirectory tree. To install iManager on a workstation instead of a server, you need the client-based version of iManager, the iManager Workstation. Use the following guidelines to decide which version fits best in your environment, or whether your eDirectory management policies would benefit from installing both versions:

  • If you have a single administrator who always manages eDirectory from the same client workstation, you can take advantage of iManager Workstation. iManager Workstation is fully self-contained and requires little setup. It automatically starts and stops the resources it needs when it loads or unloads. iManager Workstation installs and runs on various Linux or Windows client workstations, has no dependencies on server-based iManager, and it can coexist with any other versions of iManager installed on your network.

    iManager plug-ins do not automatically synchronize between iManager instances. If you have multiple administrators and use customized plug-ins, iManager Workstation and these plug-ins must be installed on each administrator’s client workstation.

  • If you manage eDirectory from multiple client workstations, or have multiple administrators, install iManager Server so that it is available from any connected workstation. Additionally, customized plug-ins only need to be installed once per iManager Server.